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Elevate Your Business

with cards that keep your clients engaged and your customers happy



Companies that prioritise customer experience are 60% more profitable than their competitors

Source: Gitnux

60 percent

Effective onboarding processes can increase customer retention by 50% and can increase customer referrals by 16%

Source: Gitnux

50 percent

40% of customers are more likely to shop at brands that acknowledge their birthday

Source: Alliance Data

Easy To Edit Card Templates

Our card templates and design editor tools make it quick and simple for you to design personalised cards for your clients and customers. You can edit either the front cover, the inside of the card, or both - it's up to you!

custom logo welcome cards for customers

Add Your Logo

Create a branded card by uploading your company logo to the design, then resize and position so it fits just right.

custom message card for clients customers

Add Text

Add personal messages that will engage with your customers and clients. You can then change the font style, colour and size.

Custom Photo Client Cards

Add Images

Upload your own images or company photo, or choose from our gallery. Use our design editor to resize and add style effects.

ReColour The Design

Edit any of our ReColour Me templates and you can switch up all of the colours! By using your company colours in the design you can create a card that's more easily recognisable by your clients and customers, helping to reinforce your brand.

custom colour business greeting cards

Feeling More Creative? ...design your own card from scratch!

Start with a blank canvas and let our design editor tools help you create a truly unique card to give to your clients and customers. You know what will resonate with them best, so who better to create the design than you?!

Enjoy the freedom of personalising the design with your company logo, photos and illustrations, text and greetings, brand colours etc. positioned wherever and however you like, with no limits on how many design elements you can use!

For helpful tips and advice on how to use our design editor, see our How To Guide

Wondering if it's worth sending cards to customers?

We'd say, that if you're looking to get your business noticed and to build customer loyalty, then yes it is!

Here's why...

Just think of how many marketing emails your customers are bombarded with on daily basis, and how many of those emails go ignored and are left unopened. But then consider the response your customer would have to receiving a card posted through their letterbox. It most cases, it would not go ignored. Instead, your business has now caught their attention with a tangible and thoughtful gesture that shows that you recognise and appreciate them as a customer.

Whether it's for their birthday, to say welcome or thank you etc., sending real hold-in-your-hands cards to your customers is a golden opportunity that your business should never miss!

Here's 5 ways customer cards can help to boost your business:

  • creates a more enriching customer experience
  • enhances brand perception and reputation
  • encourages customer loyalty and retention
  • boosts customer engagement
  • improves ROI and generates more sales
client and customer cards
eco friendly greeting cards b2b

Eco-Friendly Cards

We only use FSC-certified paper for our cards, and 2p from every card is donated to the Woodland Trust Conservation Charity.

High Quality, Low Cost

- 300gsm card stock
- Satin finish for vibrant colours
- Uncoated inside so easy to write on
- Cards from just 84p each

thank you cards clients customers


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