How To Design Your Birthday Card


Our design editor makes it quick and easy for you to design your own custom birthday card for your clients!

Here's a few tips to help get you started...

Add A Background

step 1 choose background

Choose A Background Image

We have plenty of fun birthday backgrounds for you to choose from! Balloons, birthday cake, confetti, a plain colour background... whatever you fancy.

Simply select your chosen background by clicking one of the image swatches displayed below. Alternatively, you can add your own photo to use as a background...

Add An Image

step 2 add image

Upload A Photo

Click on "Add Image" to upload or drag your photo file onto the design editor.

Design Tip: It's best to upload a photo that's no less than 1000px to ensure that your card design looks sharp and clear when printed.

step 3 upload image
step 4 image transform

Add Photo Effects

Click on "Styling" if you would like to add any colour effects to your photo, such as sepia, grayscale or adding a colour mask.

step 5 image sizing 1

Resize Your Image

Click on "Sizing" to adjust the dimensions and orientation of the photo. You can also do this manually by using the arrow symbols displayed at the top/bottom right-hand corners of the photo.

Add A Picture Frame

step 6 add frame

Frame Your Image

Click on "Add Image" then "Designs" and then select "Picture Frames" from the drop-down menu. Choose your desired frame style from the options below.

step 7 bring image layer down

Adjust The Frame

Adjust the size dimensions of the frame and photo to make a good fit together. You can do by either using the "Sizing" tool or manually by using the arrow symbols displayed on the corners of the frame or photo.

In "Transform" use the "Bring It Up" and "Bring It Down" options to adjust the two layer positions. 

Add Text

step 8 add text

Add Your Birthday Greeting

Click on "Add Text" and type your chosen greeting into the text box, then click "Add Text" to insert the greeting onto your design.

step 10 text styling
step 11 text curve option
step 9 text sizing

Text Style

Click on "Styling" to update the look of the text, such as the font type, boldness, transparency and colour.

Curved Text

Click on "Transform" for more ways to edit the text, such as changing it into a curved shape.

Text Size

Click on "Sizing" to amend the size and orientation of your text. Alternatively, you can adjust these settings manually using the arrow symbols displayed on the corners of the text box.

step 12 add banner

Add A Text Banner

You can make your greeting more prominent by adding a banner behind. Click on "Add Image" then "Designs" and then select "Banners" from the drop-down menu. Choose which banner you would like.

Use "Styling" to amend the look of the banner, such as changing the colour. Then, use your mouse cursor to move the banner into place.

step 13 manage layers

Manage Layers

To manage your design layers, click on "Layers" and drag the various design elements either up or down to position them in your desired order.

In this instance, we want the "happy birthday" greeting positioned at the top so it's visible over the banner image.

step 14 adjust text

Move Your Greeting Into Place

Using your mouse cursor, you can now move you greeting into place over the banner, adjusting the size and orientation of the text to fit just right.

step 15 add and style second text

Add Another Greeting

Want to add more text? Simply repeat the above process.

Save & Order

step 16 save product
step 17 finished

Save Your Design

You can save your design by clicking "Save Product" (you'll need to be logged in to do this).

Important to note:
If you refresh the page your design will be lost! We advise that you create an account with us so that you can save your product at any time.

Order Your Cards

When your masterpiece is finished, simply select the amount of cards that you would like to order and then click "Add To Cart". You're welcome to leave us a note too if you have any requests or questions about your order.

Ready to design your own birthday card?

Stuck for ideas? Here's some inspiration...